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Oct 14, 2012 8:00am PDT
president obama and mitt romney are taking a break from the debate. -- that woman was hit near 16th street. at 10:30 a.m. yesterday. your forecast, coming up ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> president obama and presidential candidate mitt romney will berk at the town hal type event. >> president obama and governor mitt romney are facing off in their second debate on tuesday. it is a town hall modified modify moderate--by cnn. but the challenge they have to be connecting not just for the television viewers but the people that are on the stage. perhaps 80 on the side it schosen by gallup. it is a much more intimate and close of venue they will be on stage with them >> after one that debate is losing a battle. too bad debates could mean the losing the war. you could see a very different president obama this time. he must be seen as aggressive but not overly aggressive toward >> mitt romney has enjoyed this bounce
Oct 7, 2012 8:00am PDT
say. >> let us start with mitt romney let us take a look at wednesday's video. >> some of these gestures? >> he is gesturing out side the box of his body. that is fine because he has a lot of energy but if i were coaching cam is to watch that. do not get much bigger and to not let those gestures of of your shoulder because it starts to looked erratic instead of energetic. you have those gestures if you really are coupled with some that are toned down a bit. a bit more. >> people are confident. >> they definitely would say that he is confident, and well assured. >> this is another one from mitt romney that you wanted to address. >> he did a lot of swing. and without contained energy he started to bounce the shoulders. and the type of executive you want to keep even shoulders. and that energy but you want to have containment around that energy. if it starts to bounce and the gestures are to pick i would be coaching. to bring it down a notch. >> that is a lot to think about. he has received good coaching he has really improved. >> let us talk about the other things that you mention
Oct 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
adjusting their schedule due to the weather. reporter jim was and i was as romney tried to win over voters. >> mitt romney traveled to iowa to deliver a major speech on the economy. the speech was no change from his speech earlier this when the real change big change. chich >> a new stimulus. this makes--it will not back as the one dead four years ago. >> according to the government web site the company won't receive is more business from through the stimulus for the $1 million. romney speech came on the same day that the government announced that the economy had grown by 2% and that it beat estimates. so >> and slow the economy's slow take home ba pay. >> one of his--stated that colen powell endorsed president obama and due to his race. >> after a long campaign does almost reached it is in keeping the candace straight is almost a challenge. we will put america on a new craft and a new day with a new president. it will be president obama. pardon me mitt romney. >> among them proposition 32 is built as a way to curb special interests from donating to political candidates. >> 32 will
Oct 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
. >> republican candidate mitt romney is preparing for his second debate on to state and new york city. the president is spending the next few days in virginia which is a another battleground state. >> and timber authoritie are lookin in denver, authoritis are looking for someoneshot a bullet inside one of the presidential settings. >> mr. obama was last a guest in 2010 when the daily show taped. >> just a reminder you can catch the next presidential debate on comcast channel 193 or the digital channel 4.2. >> we are learning more about the suspects who murdered a teacher. >> and there is no fault at the golden gate bridge and you should have a beautiful day ahead. >> we are getting a first look at the suspects who are being charged with the murder of the retired teacher the police are stating that they found a couple driving the retired teachers car. items that were found inside of the victim's car help them to identify. these are the two people who are the prime suspects. teachinteachi >> the police are stating that they have evidence to show that they believe that they are the two that h
Oct 6, 2012 7:00am PDT
a saving gasoline. >> is feeling his oats >> president obama is firing back at mitt romney after the seemingly uninspired performance during the presidential debate. and what the president is doing differently on the campaign trail. >> this is the president that most people decree did not show up. an animated, forceful, and taking shots at is a candidate. but he said that he would get rid of planned parenthood funding. apparently, this with big bird is driving the deficit in rallies are completely different events from a presidential debate. body language, now cured the my opponent has been trying to do a two-step and reposition. and he has an extreme make over. mitt romney was checked by his campaign. >> and also talk about his 47% fund-raiser that never was mentioned. >> real change takes time and it certainly cannot happen if you are going to write off one of thalf the nation before you take office. >> perhaps he lost the debate on performance. >> no question. >> he did win on the substance and the candid it. his candid it--is going to be a candidate--is campaigning and other
Oct 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
. and as off mitt romney also redevelops his path of campaigning to go to ohio. we will keep you updated on all the election events and have extended coverage of that evening. >> there is snow at heavenly ski resort it looks like a beautiful day. with yaho janu? >> we are waking up to some areas of cloud coverage on our mount tam cam. dance along the coast and sunshine expected with warm temperatures it could be another round of 80s. and mostly upper 70's but overnight close clouds could return pushing into the inland valleys, overnight. this is where they are along the bayshore by noon, plenty of sunshine and it will be building along the san mateo coast. pressing into the overnight hours. 50s through san francisco and livermore. and it is getting to about 82 degrees low mid 70's for the east bayshore west 66 degrees in half moon bay. and a mixture of mid-70s. and 78 degrees expected in napa. your full forecast coming up. changes but for now, let us go back to marty. >> we have been talking about some breaking news. we understand there's a three- point 9 magnitude that struck in
Oct 20, 2012 7:00am PDT
are getting ready for their final debate. as kron 4 converging on this critical stage where romney has and a hitch. joe biden will be going to florida to appeal seniors and blue collar workers. paul ryan is going to tampa florida he will join mitt romney in the town of florida tonight. romney spent most of the day cramming for the debate and the president was fire in the bay bridge in your crowd. he debuted a . >> he is changing of so much and backtracking and have stepped in. we have a to name this condition that he is going throug p >> when in doubt about it out. this is the catch phrase for people who have to dial the 11 digits due to a new area code 669. this is also for local numbers as well. you will dow 1 + the number if you are ddial the 1 pr if you are calling from a land line #. >> the plaza has been turned into an extreme playland. its features some of the--the big attraction happens to mar where amateurs can grab a >> iwellcome and jim. consumer electronics have become the way that everyone lives. we buy a lot of these things and there are nice holiday gifts. >> and thi
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7